ZPip-Boy 2016

Hi there! Long time, no post, I really should try to submit more content, even without anyone reading…

So, let me succinctly present you another never ended project, a Pip-Boy made from a Raspberry Pi (2 at the time of the videos, but I’ve just received my Pi 3 #excited)

So, nothing too fancy here:

– The RPI 2 runs custom Yocto Jethro, boots in less than 5 seconds (No X11)
– LM386 amplifier : https://hackspark.fr/fr/audio-amplifi…
– RTL2832U (Nooelec USB TV Tuner) : http://www.nooelec.com/store/nesdr-mi…
– HDMI 5″ 800×480 Display Backpack – With Touchscreen : https://www.adafruit.com/products/2260
– Mini WIFI USB dongle.
– Powered via 22400mAh power tank : http://www.amazon.fr/EC-Technology-22… (and power injection for the screen through an alimented USB Hub)

I’ll submit further informations or tutorials if anyone have specific questions about these videos.



3 thoughts on “ZPip-Boy 2016”

  1. you said “no X11″ did you rendered your pipboy interface on framebuffer? can you provide more informations about your touch device and how to handle it? Thank you ! XXX

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