Smooth camera streaming

Ok, I’ll start as if there were someone reading this forgotten and isolated, abstruse hideout :

Hi guys and gals ! (ahem) … I’m glad to present you an old project, trotting in my head (amongst many others that I hope to show you sooner or later). I’m speaking about motion detection, security camera etc… I’ve quite well advanced since January, yet I’ll start with the very beginning, teasing a bit my non existent audience.

To start, using the Pi to obtain a smooth streaming video wasn’t a sinecure, let’s take a look to a short video, presenting the said streaming and an auto connection to WIFI.

(MJPG-streamer + uv4l)

Since using raspistill and reading each pictures was very laggy, ~1.5fps, I investigated a bit on alternatives :

Using uv4l, 640*480 30fps :

uv4l itself uses 4% of proc, and ~40% used by MJPEG-streamer.

Concerning the Wifi adapter, I used an USB WIFI (802.11 b/g/n) adapter from The Pi Hut, RT5370 Wireless Adapter to be specific.


6 thoughts on “Smooth camera streaming”

  1. UV4L has a MJPEG (video) + JPEG (Continuos Still) + H264 HTTP Streamer plug-in recently added to the suit. It also allows to change all the images settings while streaming with any application.

    1. Really good to know, nice to see they keep on improving their platform. It should have saved me some time back then (January 2014).
      But it would have been less funny too 😉

      I’ll post a comparison of performances for the HTTP streaming between my build and these new features as soon as possible.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback !

    1. Hi, as said in the post :
      “I used an USB WIFI (802.11 b/g/n) adapter from The Pi Hut, RT5370 Wireless Adapter to be specific.”

      Concerning your disconnection problem, you may add “wireless-power off” in your /etc/network/interfaces file in order to disable the adapter power management.

  2. I’ve been messing w/ raspberry pi and streaming video for a bit now. I’ve tried rpi-cam control, mjpeg-streamer, and then came across uv4l. I can’t figure out..
    1. Where the webpage w/ the stream is stored on the pi for uv4l.
    (for example, if i want to change the background color or make a title.)
    2. How do you set up user name and password to access the stream via uv4l?

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