Smooth camera streaming

Ok, I’ll start as if there were¬†someone¬†reading this forgotten and isolated, abstruse hideout :

Hi guys and gals ! (ahem) … I’m glad to present you an old project, trotting in my head (amongst many others that I hope to show you sooner or later). I’m speaking about motion detection, security camera etc… I’ve quite well advanced since January, yet I’ll start with the very beginning, teasing a bit my non existent audience.

To start, using the Pi to obtain a smooth streaming video wasn’t a sinecure, let’s take a look to a short video, presenting the said streaming and an auto connection to WIFI.

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Fast copy / restore from image to MMC Raspberry Pi

Friends of mine were complaining about the restoration time of backuped images using dd. I felt like sharing these few steps showing how to quickly restore an image to MMC card. I hope it will be useful for someone !
  • Mount raw partitions from backuped image, made using dd.
  • Fast copy/restore from image to MMC.
  • Modify the partitions content without even mounting the physical device.
  • And last but not least, copy large images on smaller medias.

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