ZPip-Boy 2016

Hi there! Long time, no post, I really should try to submit more content, even without anyone reading…

So, let me succinctly present you another never ended project, a Pip-Boy made from a Raspberry Pi (2 at the time of the videos, but I’ve just received my Pi 3 #excited)

So, nothing too fancy here:

– The RPI 2 runs custom Yocto Jethro, boots in less than 5 seconds (No X11)
– LM386 amplifier : https://hackspark.fr/fr/audio-amplifi…
– RTL2832U (Nooelec USB TV Tuner) : http://www.nooelec.com/store/nesdr-mi…
– HDMI 5″ 800×480 Display Backpack – With Touchscreen : https://www.adafruit.com/products/2260
– Mini WIFI USB dongle.
– Powered via 22400mAh power tank : http://www.amazon.fr/EC-Technology-22… (and power injection for the screen through an alimented USB Hub)

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Pebble Watchface ! Event-tracker

Hi there (I wonder why I keep on saying hi when nobody reads :))

A quick post to link my first Watchface published on the Pebble “market”

Description :

Besides the standard digital clock display, you will be able to track time of specific events.
There’re sometimes, things we can be proud of, be it a marriage, stop smoking or many more.
Or other kind of events, sad ones, nonetheless milestones in our lives.
This Watchface will help you tracking how much time has passed since those events.

– Configurable event time tracker
– 12 or 24 clock format
– 10 points battery tracking status
– bluetooth connectivity

Event-tracker ZWatch !


screen1337 screenmarried

New gTLDs and whois command

Check out this way more elegant workaround : whois.conf by Demiam

Hello there, since it’s quite a few weeks since I last posted something here, I felt like moving things up a bit.

With more than 400 new gTLDs validated by ICANN http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/ , like .sexy or even .游戏 (Chinese for games), sooner or later, you may have to lookup for whois informations related to domains using these new extensions.

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Google INBOX invites (5 left)

I know there’s no (not yet) regular users hereabouts, so this is intended to anyone reading this post :

I have 5 Google inbox invites left, I offer them to the 5 firsts to post here. (No need to post publicly your mail address, just fill it in the email field of the comment form).

Smooth camera streaming

Ok, I’ll start as if there were someone reading this forgotten and isolated, abstruse hideout :

Hi guys and gals ! (ahem) … I’m glad to present you an old project, trotting in my head (amongst many others that I hope to show you sooner or later). I’m speaking about motion detection, security camera etc… I’ve quite well advanced since January, yet I’ll start with the very beginning, teasing a bit my non existent audience.

To start, using the Pi to obtain a smooth streaming video wasn’t a sinecure, let’s take a look to a short video, presenting the said streaming and an auto connection to WIFI.

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Fast copy / restore from image to MMC Raspberry Pi

Friends of mine were complaining about the restoration time of backuped images using dd. I felt like sharing these few steps showing how to quickly restore an image to MMC card. I hope it will be useful for someone !
  • Mount raw partitions from backuped image, made using dd.
  • Fast copy/restore from image to MMC.
  • Modify the partitions content without even mounting the physical device.
  • And last but not least, copy large images on smaller medias.

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